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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important because when your website is optimized it makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website which means your website link will show higher on the search engines.  With SEO you are providing these search engines with specific information about your website.  This is done with meta tags which are descriptive code made with keywords that are applied to your images and website pages.

The better your website is optimized the higher it will rank on major search engines.

Every website we develop and design  includes a Standard SEO Program which means meta tags for all images and pages on the website.  

If you already have a website and are having trouble with the website traffic and ranking, we can optimize your existing website, or we can develop a new website.

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Every website I develop  includes a Standard SEO Program which means I will apply meta tags to all images and pages on the website.  Meta tags are descriptive code made with keywords that are applied to your images and website pages.

In order to write effective meta tags that help my clients’ website rank high on search engines, I research and learn about my client’s company and industry to determine the keywords to use in the meta tags .  I also like to find out what keywords my client’s competitors are using.  Keyword research is a very important step in search engine optimization.

With the Premium SEO Program I include Google Analytics code on every website page.   Google Analytics provide detailed reports about a website’s traffic including user location and age.  Google Analytics is a great tool to help improve Search Engine Optimization.

When a client signs up for a Premium Search Engine Optimization Program I create a Google Webmaster Tools Account for their website.  Google Webmaster Tools is a behind the scenes reporting system from that provides reports about the health of a website.  Some of the many reports Google Webmaster Tools show is how many of your website pages Google is crawling every day, if there are any crawl errors, what websites are linking to your website, and suggestions on improving the meta tags on your website.  Google Webmaster Tools is really great for SEO!

Google AdWords is a great advertising tool!  I can set up your account, place your keywords and phrases, set the budget, and continue to monitor your account!